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Program Officer - The Tenure Facility

The Tenure Facility was launched in October 2017 as the first and only international financial mechanism exclusively focused on securing land and forest rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities across the developing world. Recognizing local and Indigenous rights to land and forests constitutes one of the most important opportunities to promote sustainable rural development, address global climate goals, and reduce local conflict at a reasonable cost. The Tenure Facility provides grants and technical assistance directly to Indigenous Peoples and local communities´ organizations to scale up implementation of land and forest tenure reform policies and legislation; and enable governments and communities to test new models and approaches to securing rights. Through grants and assistance, the Tenure Facility supports practical solutions to implementation challenges, assists governments and communities to overcome administrative obstacles to land rights recognition and titling, and builds the capacity of government agencies responsible for titling and protecting indigenous and community rights. In so doing, Tenure Facility projects support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with particular impact on the rights of women, poverty reduction, conflict resolution, and climate change mitigation.

For more information, www.thetenurefacility.org

As a Program Officer you report to the Head of Programs and work with the full project cycle – assessment of concepts and proposals, monitoring, support and learning throughout implementation, and assessment of reports. You maintain close contact with Tenure Facility collaboration partners, including the Rights and Resources Initiative and other networks and coalitions active in the field, as well as with potential project partners, in order to define and take advantage of opportunities for scaling-up secure tenure. You also manage the work and deliverables of technical assistance consultants, Tenure Facility country focal points, and other assistance to project partners. As the manager of a subset of Tenure Facility grant agreements, you are (assisted by external resources where needed) responsible for facilitating, coaching and supporting project partners in identifying capacity building needs and improving their project implementation strategies, results management, financial reporting practices, and sharing of lessons learned. The position involves in-country visits to project partners, normally a few times a year.

Overarching responsibilities

  • Contribute to establish the Tenure Facility as a highly credible and respected financial mechanism among international development institutions and donors
  • Generate mutual trust and respect of local communities, ethnic groups and Indigenous Peoples
  • Contribute to a collaborative and resilient working culture for sustained progress of the Tenure Facility’s strategic goals and objectives

Job functions

  • Keep abreast with context and opportunities to scale-up tenure security in key countries
  • Assess potential concepts, proposals and project partners, soliciting contributions/advice from collaborating partners and other resources where needed
  • Contribute, from your field of expertise, to enhance the quality of your colleagues’ assessments
  • Manage procurements of service providers/ consultants and monitor their deliverables
  • Work with consultants and collaborators to assist existing and potential project partners in the development of concepts, proposals and implementation strategies
  • Monitor and work with project partners and collaborators in-country to support project implementation, results tracking, reporting, and learning
  • Contribute to the learning, development and sharing of knowledge and competence within the Tenure Facility and among its partners, as well as to the regular reporting to donors
  • Assist in developing platforms and other opportunities for linking project partners to existing networks, practitioners and other allies in related fields, such as those focused on environment, climate change, women’s empowerment, green growth and other development goal

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